Rules are a tricky thing. On the one hand they are good and absolutely necessary. Without rules chaos reins, driving would be suicide without them, games would be impossible without them, relationships would turn into war without them, and the planet earth would self destruct. But on the other hand they can be the source of criticism of others, pride, and external phony righteousness. 2 Timothy 2:5 says, “an athlete doesn’t win the prize unless he competes according to the rules.” The major factor in determining whether rules are good or bad is the question, “who made the rules”. When I was a kid my brothers and sister and I played monopoly a lot. I always won because I made up new rules as we went along. After awhile they rebelled and quit playing with me, and we had to find a new game to play, but it was good while it lasted! The Pharisees, the religious rulers during the time of Christ made up rules and declared themselves righteous, but Jesus called them hypocrites, and said they were like graves, on the out side they looked good with all the f lowers, but on the inside they were full of dead men’s bones.

I follow the rules of Christ for my life, and I teach those rules to who ever will listen. The rules that God has given us are not burdensome, but life giving. They are intended by God to make us free, to give us joy, and to make us successful in anything we set our hands to. There are lots of rules in the New Testament, but many of them are overlapping, and many are repeated. I like lists so I have made a list of 10 rules in the New Testament that are the most important and the most impactful of all the rules listed. I think they pretty much are a summary of all the commandments that are in the New Testament.

If you would like to know what they are you will have to come to church at JBC this weekend because I am preaching and that is the topic of my sermon, or you could down load the sermon from our web sight.

3 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Diana Olsen

    Pastor Dee, I read your blog every day from my smartphone. I am in Yuma az for the winter. I can’t be at JBC for your sermon even tho I’d would love to be. I can’t download the rules list onto my phone because it tells me I don’t have enough space. I guess I am needing a new SD card or something. Please email me the list of rules before I die of curiosity!!!
    Diana Olsen



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