One of the clear evidences of an almighty God who made us is the inner desire in us for justice. We have it when we are very small children, and become aware of injustice and cry “that’s not fair”. This inner sense that there is right and wrong, that wrong ought to have consequence and good ought to be rewarded is put in us by God. Our conscience is a key part of our inner, real person that is our guide through life. Our conscience is our inner google maps system, it guides us well in making choices that are good, right, and a blessing to others. Our conscience can become calloused, that is it becomes less and less sensitive to what’s right and what’s wrong. Our conscience becomes calloused by degrees, little by little, compromise by compromise, and before we know it we are capable of doing just about any evil with little remorse or sense of guilt for doing it. Our conscience is seared when we start allowing the world around us to begin programming our brain in what is right and wrong. Again it is little bit by little bit but before long we believe what the world believes and we act the way the world acts. The Bible talks about those who overcome the world and says that those who do will have great influence on others and will be used by God in the lives of others. Blessed are the overcomer.

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