What is True?

The amount of information that is being broadcast on tv, printed, and sent out via social media today that is false is mind boggling. It is virtually impossible any more to know what is true and what is false that we see, hear, and read. But One thing I know for sure is that the Bible is true, the inspired, inerrant Word of God that tells me how to live successfully in a way that results in joy and peace in my mind and heart. It tells me as well how to have eternal life with God and to soon escape all this craziness and live with God forever with a new body that will never ache or get sick or tired, forever. In the midst of all the craziness and stuff going on I have done what the Bible says to do in times like this, “set your mind on the things above, not on the things of this earth”.

The Bible promises that things will get worse and worse until Jesus comes, so there is no sense getting all tied in knots over current events. As for me I have set my mind and heart on the day that Jesus comes, and in the mean time I will try and accomplish as much with my life as possible to help people know the truth of God’s Word that sets us free from anxiety, and gives us a hope that becomes the anchor of our heart and soul. One of the principles that I live by is that if we saturate our minds with God’s Word, the Bible, we will know truth from error. Hebrews, a book of the Bible in the New Testament says that those who have their senses trained by the Word of God will be able discern between good and evil. Yep, I believe it.

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