Mind set

“ Mind Set” is a two word phrase that is used in the Bible a dozen times, and used today by those who study people in regards to why some are successful and why others don’t do much with their life. “Mind Set” is that predominant way we think about life. There are a number of descriptions of “Mind Set” that are contrasting ways of thinking in response to life. One of these is “Learners vs non-learners”. Non-learners assume that we are stuck with our present level of intelligence, skill, and abilities, who we are is who we are. Therefore they don’t seek wisdom, new knowledge or new skills, because it won’t change anything anyway, so why make the effort. Learners on the other hand seek wisdom, knowledge, and skill like it was gold, silver, and valuable treasure. Learners love challenge, because it results in growth. Learners love correction, because it results in new knowledge and perspective. Learners don’t fear failure because they have just learned what doesn’t work. Learners grow rapidly in life, and eventually succeed at almost anything they put their hand to because they keep learning until they do succeed.

Non-learners on the other hand fear failure because it is permanent in their mind. Non-learners usually have low self-worth, and the only way to bolster it is to be better than someone else so they compare, and often criticize others so that they appear better. Non-learners do not appreciate correction, and become defensive when they are corrected. Non-learners blame others for their failures in an attempt to preserve their self worth.

If an adult does some honest reflective thinking, and comes to the conclusion that they are a “Non-learner”, they can change. They will need some help from others who will coach and encourage, but it is possible, rare but possible.

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