My Boat Project

One of my goals for 2017 is to build a Pacific Dory.  It will be wood covered by fiberglass, 23 feet long, eight feet wide at the widest point, and  it will weigh about 1,000 lbs.  I am going to build a trailer for it as well. I worked on it most of today, and built the strong back which the boat is built on upside down, got almost all of the 7 ribs finished,  the transom, and the breast hook done. It is going to be a nice boat when I get it done. I have been watching You Tube video’s of dory’s like mine launching and loading up on the Oregon coast at Pacific City, and on the beach in Ninilchik, Alaska, and also the video’s that have been made of fishing trips on these dory’s as they fish for Halibut, bottom fish, and salmon both in Alaska and Oregon. I get more and more excited about finishing and using mine as I watch the videos as I ride my stationary bike in the evening.

Someone asked me recently about some of my goals like building a sail boat, bicycling across the USA and other equally crazy projects and goals. They wanted to know where they came from. All of my goals start with an idea, a thought that is prompted by an experience that I have, seeing someone doing something that is unique, something I read in a book, or as a result of something that frustrates me. This dory project seed was planted last July when a group of us were up on the Kenai peninsula fishing for Sockeye salmon. A number of us decided to rent a charter fishing boat and go out for Halibut. It was very expensive $280 per person, but we decided to go anyway. We showed up at the office of the charter company the day of the trip and they told us the trip had been canceled because of weather. At least I got my money back. I was curious about what the fishing was like where we were supposed to go, so, just for fun, I did a little research on line and watched a bunch of You Tube video’s of fishing in Alaska using dory’s and launching from Ninnilchik.   My thought was, “I can do that”, “that looks like fun”, “I am going to do that”.

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