Good Books

There are so many really good books being written by some very wise and smart people. All I have to do to learn what they know is read their book. I know that is oversimplification, but the fact remains that there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom in many books if I take the time to read. Reading is a daily discipline of mine, that is I read systematically as a daily routine of my life. My goal is to read 100 pages each week in good books, notice I said good books. A good book is good for two reasons, first it has good information that will profit my life by teaching me something that will make me a better person, and second, it is written in such a way that it is hard to put down because it is interesting, because it is easy to understand, because the topic of the book is well researched and thought out and communicated well. If I get half way through the first chapter, and it hasn’t grabbed me yet, I throw it away or delete it from my Kindle. There are to many good books available to keep around a bad one. I have a similar problem that many of you have, that is I forget what I have read and learned. What I do to help overcome that weakness of mine is to underline key thoughts and passages or highlight them on my Kindle, then when I finish the book I go back and reread the highlighted sections. If it was an exceptional book I make a note in my reading diary to reread the underlined sections again in one month. That simple little review practice really helps the knowledge in those books to change me into a more successful person. I believe reading helps me think clearer and more intelligently, that it helps me communicate to people in a way that motivates them and informs them. I am so thankful that I was encouraged to read as a kid and grew to enjoy it, but I still have to make reading goals and discipline myself to read faithfully. It is interesting to me that those activities that are most important for my growth and well being are the hardest to make happen regularly.

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