A 69 year old man

It is now October 27th and I am 69 years old. This whole getting older thing is a mystery. It happens so gradually that you don’t notice anything changing from day to day but then all of a sudden there you are, an old man, full of aches and pains, and all that you used to be able to do a fading memory. I think a lot now about eternity, my glorified body, my first impression and thoughts when I see God, what He will say to me, what He will think of me, what the Judgment Seat of Christ experience will be like, whether I will have any regrets, and a whole long list of similar and crazy thoughts. I also find myself regularly in this sort of frenzied state where I want to do so much more, and I am afraid I am going to run out of time, but then I get tired and run out of gas , and decide I can do it tomorrow. I am working hard at making myself focus more and more on spending time in reading the Bible, memorizing it, studying it, and writing about it. In spending more time talking to God, seeking Him, and trying to learn better how to hear His voice and know His will. The older I get the more questions I have, and the more I realize that I don’t really know very much, but I wish I did, and I try and resist the urge to pretend I do.

4 thoughts on “A 69 year old man

  1. Diana Olsen

    I too, turned 69 this week. Really relate to so many of your thoughts. Thank you so much for all your insight and wisdom. I look forward to every message you write.


  2. Dee Brandt

    I’m sure his words to you will be, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
    Have a blessed birthday! 🎉🎈😇🎂


  3. Bob Kill

    Pastor Dee, Do you know a lot ? Now that is a relative question. For me, I think you know a great deal. Now compared to someone with a PhD, maybe you don’t feel like you know a lot. I would rather know what you know than the PhD fellow. You do know a lot ! See God just used me to bless you, you can thank me later. Bob P.S. I always read your blogs because you know a lot.

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