Pride vs humility

Probably my greatest struggle in life is in knowing my own heart and knowing what motivates me to do what I do. I want to walk humbly with the Lord, and I also want to teach, encourage, and motivate those who God has put into my life to live for the Lord and to successfully live life as husbands and wives, as parents, as followers of Jesus, and to attract people to faith in Christ. A key way that I can do that is by being a model and example of how to live life Biblically so that those I influence and teach would be motivated to live in the same way. 1 Peter 5 gives instructions to Pastors saying, “be an example to the flock that God has given you”. The Apostle Paul said, “do what I do, and live the way I live, as I model the Christian life for you”. I understand that models and examples are very important for us to have as we pursue the character of Christ. I have had some wonderful examples and mentors in my own life that made a huge difference in my life. I have some areas in my life that I have grown in and can be a good model for others in, but there are a bunch of areas that I struggle with and hope that others don’t notice them. My big struggle is when I share my successes and strengths in counseling, sermons, lectures and blogs, am I doing that motivated only by the desire to help others grow and succeed, or is there a desire for glory from others creeping into my motives. I think about it often, and it really bothers me that I as I examine my motives, I am often unsure. I know that the Lord is apposed to the proud, and blesses and uses the humble. The prayer of David in Psalms 139 has become my daily plea to God, “ Oh Lord, show me if there be any wrong in me”!

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