A wonderful day

Today was my birthday and it was wonderful, in that so many people connected with me and expressed appreciation and acknowledged my birthday.  I like to think that I am a tough guy and that I do fine without people’s encouragement or praise, but today sure was fun. I think we truly are relational by God’s design and that we are happiest and most productive when we have healthy relationships where there is a genuine give and receive of grace and we have a strong sense of being loved appreciated, and accepted, which I have in super abundance from my family and friends. A day like today ends with a very strong feeling of being incredibly filled with joy .

As I think about today about the blessing I have as a person I ask myself the question I always ask about everything, “Why”? In the midst of a host of sins, character flaws, and major mess ups I have for most of my adult life sought the Lotd with all of my heart. Seeking His will for my life, seeking His His strength, seeking his face, and seeking to please Him in all that I do. I seek the Lord by faithfully reading His Word and spending time with Him in prayer every day. When we seek Him He promises that He will abundantly bless us. 

1 thought on “A wonderful day

  1. Lloyd Smith

    Missed your blog for a couple of days and was thinking your birthday was today, the 28th. Sorry to discover that I missed it. Praying for a super year to come for you.



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