Time management

Time management is budgeting your minutes like you do with your money. As I do our financial budget Patty and I decide what we want to spend our money on. This month we talked about the need to set some aside for Christmas so we can buy gifts for all 23 grandkids. There is a fixed amount each month so we plan for things up to 6 months away so we don’t end up short. There is 168 hours in every week so I decide how I am going to spend it. Sunday afternoon is when I usually do my minute budget. I sit down in my office and break the week down into 15 minute blocks of time with a line beside it where I write what I will do with that 15 minute block. I write in all of the fixed obligations first such as teach my class on prophecy at 8 to 8:45 am on Sunday mornings, all accountability meetings, corporate prayer meetings, and other teaching duties. I then write in all meetings and appointments that were scheduled this week for next week; I usually have around 6 counseling appointments each week. I write down my study time when I write sermons, lessons, and blogs. I write down when I will do all of my letter writing, emails, and text messages to those who attend JBC for birthdays, anniversaries, new attenders, those who have missed a bunch of weekends, congratulations, condolences, and administration. I always make sure I budget my time for Bible reading, scripture memorization, and private prayer. I write down the various social events for the week including a date with Patty. This Friday is my birthday so we are going to some friends house and celebrate because the wife’s birthday is the same as mine so we get together each year for our birthdays. I schedule in working on home projects, working on my boat, fishing trips, and of course sleeping time and eating as well. When I get every block of 15 minutes filled in I offer it to God as my pursuit of being a good steward of my life, gifts and abilities. I ask Him for wisdom to make this schedule happen, and to know when to be flexible. Every evening I write a “to do” list for the next day and include all that was on my major list for that day. I then work hard to get everything done and I usually come pretty close. Living my life with a plan gives me a great sense of being in control and being a good steward for God with what He has given me.

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