I Can’t Handle This

I was reading today on Facebook responses of people to the wildfires in Northern California that have burned close to 2,000 homes and businesses, and killed 15 people, and injured many more. Many of the responses were like this one “I can’t handle this”. I wondered exactly what that meant, “I am choosing not to think about it”, “I am pretending it didn’t happen”, “I am going crazy”, “I am going to take a bunch of drugs”. Exactly what does a person do who finds themselves in a very hard situation that they didn’t cause or choose. Well for sure, not handling it is not really an option, you have to handle it. Life is real, not an acted out drama, the events that happen to us each day are real, not a dream, and not something we can choose to delete. Handling it is the only choice, there is no other. Some people go through life facing each crisis that comes into their life like a champion fighter, they will conquer and win, crisis is conquered, fixed, solved, endured, but it never crushes them. Others, like the person who wrote, “I can’t handle this”, live in a constant state of despair, being fearful and anxious, having little joy, and constantly feeling like a victim.

I want to be an “overcomer” that is described in the book of Revelations in the Bible. An overcomer has 5 characteristics that make them an overcomer.

1. They recognize that life is hard and going to get harder, but it is also short, then we will be in heaven, so they focus on the good life in eternity.

2. The best way to handle crisis is to focus on the needs and problems of those around us, and work at meeting their needs, not our own needs. God gives great grace to those people.

3. They manage and control the conversations they have and are careful not to be a jabber Box. We can talk about life and solutions but we can easily just talk about it and go over and over the details until we overwhelm ourselves .

4. Those who are the strongest are those who don’t blame others for the situation they are in, they just deal with the situation they are in. Blaming is a child’s reaction to crisis and it drains us of strength and short circuits creative thinking in our own brain.

5. The strongest are always those who truly trust God, and use crisis as a motivation to seek Him, His strength, and wisdom even more.

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