Last night a number of fires started burning in and around Santa Rosa, California. Because of 70 mph winds the fires spread rapidly and at this point 1,500 houses and a number of businesses have been destroyed, and 10 people have been killed. Patty’s sister and husband who live in Santa Rosa, were evacuated, and their house was one of those that burned. It was just a week ago that we were down there for the funeral of Patty’s other brother in law, and now this. It is amazing to me how quickly things change, and how little we can do to prevent the change. Life often seems like a roller coaster ride and about all we can do is hang on. Patty and I are driving home from my Mom’s, and while Patty drove, we prayed together (eyes open) for all of our family and a number of other church family people as well.  Sometimes that is all you can do! In saying that I am not implying that praying is the least effective thing we could do, because in fact I believe it is the most powerful thing we can do. Events like this almost instantly put us in a praying mode. 

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