New and Exciting Goal

I thought of a new goal that I am quite excited about. I am going to put my sailboat building plans on hold for about 6 months and I am going to build a 23 ft ocean dory with a motor well and a cabin on it, along with a trailer. I have the blueprints ordered and they should be here any day now. It will be a wood boat covered with fiberglass. This summer I will tow it up to Alaska and go halibut fishing with it. I am rebuilding a Johnson 130 hp outboard to put on it. I have been watching people fish for Halibut in the gulf of Alaska who launched dory’s off of the beach at Ninilchik on the Kenai peninsula and it looks like something I can do. I have 3 sturgeon rods that should work for Halibut fishing, and a fish finder. I go up to Alaska every year to fish for Sockeye salmon and always want to go Halibut fishing, but the charters are so expensive and usually full. I always enjoy learning new skills so this should be a blast because I know nothing about fishing for Halibut. I do know that they taste really good and are very expensive in the grocery stores. It is funny how a new goal like this that has lots of unknowns and will be a challenge energizes me so much. When I go out fishing for the first time in my new boat I will take lots of pictures.

1 thought on “New and Exciting Goal

  1. Dee Brandt

    Wow! You have so much energy! All the best. By the way, if you’ve never had the crab-encrusted halibut at Waterfront Depot in Florence, you gotta try it!😋



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