Going to visit Mom

Patty and I left after church for Trout Lake, Washington to visit my Mom for a day. We moved to the dairy in Trout Lake in 1965 the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year in High School, and Patty and I left Trout Lake in 1976 when I became the Pastor in Jefferson, Oregon. As we were driving up here this afternoon I was reminiscing about those 10 years I lived here. Those years in my life were when I grew rapidly in my relationship with Christ and made most of the significant decisions of my life that brought me to be a pastor at Jefferson Baptist Church. I know many young men in those same years 16 to 26 years of age who drift away from the Lord and make a lot of very poor decisions that messes up their life for years after that. I did just the opposite, but it wasn’t anything that I can claim any credit for. There were a number of very significant people in my life who had such great influence in my life that I grew in character and maturity in spite of myself. I started thinking about each of them and how blessed I am to have had those kinds of mentors, friends, parents, pastors in my life at just the right time. Most of them are gone to heaven already. If they were still around I would be faithful to tell them how important they were in my life.

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