I decided to Bicycle a different route this summer than the Virginia to Jefferson route, mainly because the price of the airplane ticket and shipping my bike back there was going to be about $600. Instead I am going to head South to the Grand Canyon and bike the trails in Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and some of the others and then head north to Yellowstone and then back home. That triangle route will be 3,000 miles long with about 100,000 feet of total climbing for the trip which is a bit under about 3,000 feet of climbing per day which is about what we did on our Oregon trip. If I average 70 miles each day that will be about 42 bicycle days with 8 rest days making it 50 days. I will plan on leaving on May 1st and get back June 21st. I am now planning every mile of the trip using 5 different mapping programs figuring out the route, the camp sites, and the places I will have Patty mail boxes of freeze dried food and clean underwear. It is funny but when it is all over and I look back on the whole thing this planning stage is the most enjoyable part because of the excitement and anticipation it builds in me. Life is like that as well, the goals that I set for my life to pursue for the next year, the next 5 years, and the next 10 get me all jazzed up. I am preaching tonight and tomorrow in the regular worship services and I will be talking about goals for ourselves, our families, and for JBC. Goals are powerful, fun, and a great tool to keep everyone striving together.

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