Day 17 on Pastor Dee’s Bicycle trip

This is a picture of our campsite last night. There was no regular campsite near where we wanted to go so we stopped at this gravel pit, and set up camp here. It wasn’t bad except for no water, no electricity, no cell service or wi-fi, no bathrooms, and no shade, but other than that is was super!! We left this morning at 7 am and headed north on 395 to Highway 20 and then East to Burns where we are now at “Burns RV Campground”. We rode 75 miles and it was a very pleasant day with lots of rollers, but no real monster hills. On the rollers we go down the hill shifting, shifting, shifting until we are in our highest gear and then we hit the bottom and keep our speed as long as possible as we head up the other side shifting, shifting, shifting to our lowest gear and then we hit the top and do it all over again. A bicycle riders favorite swear word is “Oh Shift”!

The traffic is starting to get real busy as we get closer to the date and also closer to the area where many are going to watch the Eclipse. Tomorrow we head North to John Day and then East to Prairie City where we will stay for three days as we watch the eclipse and wait for the traffic to shrink and the craziness to subside. I imagine tomorrow will be a very heavy traffic day. I hope they like bicycle riders and are nice and polite. Today was our first day with rumble strips. I hate rumble strips. One second riding on them with a bicycle and every thing that is not fastened on the bike well will shake off, 2 seconds and the bicycle with fall totally apart, and if some how you manage 3 seconds all your teeth will fall out. The people who decide where they will go must hate bicycle riders because they put them where it leaves about 6 inches of pavement between the rumble strip and the edge of the pavement and if you attempt to ride there and veer to the left you hit the dreaded rumble strips and if you veer to the right you drop off the pavement into gravel and have a terrible wreck. And if you ride on the left side of the rumble strip you are out in the road past the white line and the cars and trucks think you are trespassing on their personal road space, and honk, make hand gestures, and yell! Oh well, character building.

1 thought on “Day 17 on Pastor Dee’s Bicycle trip

  1. Mike Wilde

    Sometimes God brings us across a few rumble strips to shake things up and keep us from getting too content. Keep spinning those wheels.



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