Day 14 – Crazy Pastor’s Bicycle trip

Today we rode north from Lakeview up Highway 395 towards Riley. There are no camping places along this road so we pulled into a gravel pit and are making this our home for the night. Today we biked 74.7 miles and it was mostly flat with rolling hills with one monster hill of about 1000 feet elevation gain in about 5 Miles and all of it was at 6% grade. The terrain is all open sage brush, but still pretty to ride throughWe had our first flat tire today, John got it, who has most of the flats. Last year when we went across the US he had 8 flats and I had none. So far on this trip it is John with 1 and I still have none. Every flat he has had is a result of the steel wire that is in truck tires that blow up on the road and leave the little shrapnel all over the road for bicycle tires to pick up. I have suggested that if he were nicer to me maybe God would quit giving him so many flat tires😀

Tomorrow we have about 75 miles to go again and we will end up in an RV park in Burns. I think it will be a relatively easy day with no monster hills to go over.

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