Day 18 of Bicycle trip around Oregon

We rode 82 miles today from Burns to Prairie City. We were expecting some traffic issues because of the Eclipse and the fact that Prairie City is right in the perfect place to view it, but we must have been just ahead of the crowd. As we pedaled into town we saw a number of big fields with stakes and flagging and a bunch of porta potties and signs advertising places to park RV’s, no water, no sewer, no electricity, but a great view. It will be fun to see all that happens. We are camped at the Baptist Church here in town. Patty and I have our pads and sleeping bags in the foyer on nice carpet. We are going to hang out here for 3 days until the traffic is not so crazy and head off Tuesday morning.

Along the trip I have irritated a muscle in the back of my neck that goes from the base of my scull to the top of my shoulder on the left side from all the rough roads and the vibration that goes through the front tire, the handle bars, my arms and neck. It has gotten increasingly worse every day and today the pain was incredibly intense. Every 5 miles I rubbed liniment on it, and took ibuprofen. I am hoping that 3 days of not riding will give it a chance to heal a bit, I am also going to buy a different kind of liniment, and get some Aleve and try that. We have 7 more actual ride days left so I guess I can bite on a piece of rubber retread off the side of the road, and just tough it out, and whine a little bit in my blog each night.

One of my self-talk lines when I am going through an experience that I don’t like, such as this neck pain, is ” I am going to heaven and I am going to get a new, glorified body that will not ache or hurt, in the mean time my main goal is to grow in character and become as much like Jesus as is possible in the time I have left, and this (fill in the blank) is a perfect gift from God to help me grow, so don’t waste it by grumbling and feeling sorry for yourself” and I add this important prayer, “Lord, would You give me some of Your strength to manage this well, thank You, I love You”.

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