Day 11 on the Around Oregon Bicycle trip

I am a big believer in the character trait of "Grit", "Toughness", and, "Endurance", of being a person who goes after their goals without quitting. I am also a big believer in the character trait of "Flexibility", which would be a cross between endurance and wisdom. Endurance would be picking the destination and pursuing it, flexibility would be picking the best route and plan. It is important that flexibility isn't used as an excuse for laziness, and in thinking about choices in life carefully thinking about our motives is important. John and I decided to practice being flexible and take an extra rest day today because we were both not feeling well, John with a pretty serious case of the flu, and the last several days have been particularly exhausting with all the hill climbing. Normally we would have stayed where we were last night, but because of the difficulty of finding campsites we didn't want to cancel the spot we had reserved for tonight because we wouldn't have had a place to camp , and we would have lost our money that we paid for the site, so we decided to drive today's route. MaryAnn drove and John and I slept. We kicked around for a couple of seconds the idea of sitting on our bikes in the back of the pickup, and having the back tires propped up off the floor so the wind would blow them around and our bike computers/gps would record the miles. I think that would have violated the spirit of being flexible. The bad thing was that even though it was 88 miles it was almost flat, I love flat!! And about half the miles were on paved bike trails, I love paved bike trails!!! It has been a very relaxing day here in Glenyan Campground in Ashland, and we will have a great day tomorrow riding 66 miles to The KOA Campground in Klamath Falls.

2 thoughts on “Day 11 on the Around Oregon Bicycle trip

  1. Mike Wilde

    It’s good to take the time to get rested so you can be ready for the next challenge. Got to hear Angela Duckworth at the Global Leadership Summit on Friday. Great stuff on grit. She should interview you!



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