Bicycling 1,900 miles around Oregon- Day 12

Today we bicycled 66 miles and ended up at the KOA Campground in Klamath Falls. Today takes over top place for the hardest day. We climbed almost 6,000 total feet and averaged 10 mph which is our slowest day because of the climbing. There were not only a lot of hills but they were very steep, well in excess of a 6% grade. Today was the first day I had to walk and push my bike, which I did for over 4 miles. I can walk up a steep hill at 2.5 mph and John was pedaling 3 mph, and I don't have the balance to keep my bike upright going that slow, but they didn't have to wait long for me. It was hot and I had sweat dripping off my nose at a steady pace, but I drank lots of water. Of course with the uphills comes the downhills, and I set a personal best for bike speed of 37 mph going down one of them today. I could have gone faster, but I was a bit nervous going any faster on a bicycle with skinny tires, so I did quite a lot of braking, especially for corners.

The Campground has a swimming pool so the first thing I did was put on my swimming suite and jump in. Cooling off my hot muscles and body felt so good. Tomorrow is a rest day so I plan on spending a lot of time in the pool. We are planning on going to church in the morning.

One of the things I like about bicycling, and going on trips like this is the amount of time I can think. Not just regular kind of thinking that tends to be controlled by all the events of life that go on around us, but reflective thinking about myself, who I am, how much or little that I am growing in character, in my relationship with the Lord, and in my relationship with Patty and other family and friends. I think about things I want to do and accomplish, I think a lot about JBC and what I can do in ministry to make her more and more a beautiful bride of Christ. I think about heaven and what that will be like. It is only 9 pm but I think I am going to crawl into my sleeping bag. Talk to you tomorrow.

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