Day 10 on Bicycle trip around Oregon

It doesn't seem like we have been riding now, for 10 days, but that is what the calendar says. 10 down and 20 to go!! Today we rode up the mother of all monster hills!! We went from sea level to 2,500 feet with a bunch of rollers in the process, and half way up it got hot, 98 degrees. We have been riding down the coast for the last week and the mid 60's sounds super right now. We rode up the Redwood Highway along the Smith River and the road was windy and often there was no shoulder, so we had cars going around us VERY close. For the most part people were patient and courteous as they often waited to pass us until they could see ahead of us a ways. It was nerve wracking but I focused on the white line because often there was no guard rail and a long fall down to the river if I wandered over the edge. That white line became my own personal road and I tried to stay right in the middle of it.

We are camped in a very nice campsite in the town of O,Brian on Hwy 199 not to far before you get to Cave Junction. Tomorrow we will ride 88 miles to Emigrant Lake just past Ashland. It looks like from the profile on my IPad that it will be relatively flat, that will be super after the last couple of days. We will get up and be on the road at 6:30 am to try and beat the heat.

One of the major challenges has been finding campsites. It seems that Oregon is getting swarmed with people who have come into the State to watch the eclipse. I said something to someone that this particular Campground was a ways from the main track of the eclipse, and they said they just wanted to get close enough to drive to where they could see it in less than 5 hours. I said, well you still have over a week and they wanted to get a spot before they are all taken, which is exactly the problem we have been having. We have already made some adjustments to our route and schedule because of availability issues.

Planning the next day's route and camping location has become a major activity each evening, and many phone calls are being made in the process. The Lord said that if we trust in Him with all of our heart and life that He will direct our path. Now that is an awesome promise.

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