Day 7 of the Bicycle trip around Oregon

Well, today John and I road 105 miles starting in Lincoln City and ending at the Umpqua Lighthouse State Campground just outside Winchester Bay. Besides the 105 miles we also had three killer hills and one of them had no shoulder and it was very curvy. This is the first century ride that either John or I have ever done. When we got into camp at 5:30 pm after leaving this morning at 6:15 am I felt pretty good, but after a warm shower and dinner I can hardly keep my eyes open as I write this blog, I am totally run out of gas. We have 66 miles tomorrow so we are going to sleep in a little and leave at 8 am. The Oregon Coast is a beautiful ride on a bicycle, and we stopped often for breaks and pictures.

I am going to call that enough for tonight, talk to you tomorrow.

1 thought on “Day 7 of the Bicycle trip around Oregon

  1. George Kraus

    Praying for strength and stamina today as you ride. I also pray for the Gospel to be seen through you at all times. Love you, George



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