Day 6 on the Bicycle Trip around Oregon

Today was our "Rest Day" so I slept in, and took several naps during the day, and ate a lot, including a big bowl of ice cream. We all went to church at Faith Baptist here in Lincoln City this morning, and our good friends the Bruggeman's were at the church giving a Missions report, and also Katrina Beranek who attends JBC was there on vacation, and sat with us, and then we all went to MO's for lunch and a former JBC'er, Frank Stutzman who manages at MO's paid for our lunch.

Russ Williams who has been riding with us since the start left today as planned, and Doug is to sore to ride anymore, so it is just John Smith and I riding tomorrow. His wife, MaryAnn and Patty are riding together in our "support vehicle" and will get to our camping spot tomorrow before we get there. When we pull in Patty will have our tent set up, the lawn chairs set up and a cold Coke already opened for me, what a woman😀!!

Because of some adjustments we have had to make because of all the full campgrounds caused by all those coming over to the coast to escape the heat, our schedule is off a bit so we are riding 106 miles tomorrow to get caught up, and we have three major hills to climb as well. The good thing is that I got good and rested today, and the weather forecast is calling for winds out of the North at 9 mph, so all I need to do is make a big sail😜!! We will be camping at the "Umpqua Lighthouse State Park" just South of Reedsport.

One of the life principles taught in the Bible is the need for "rest". Our physical body needs rest, we need rest to recuperate emotionally, and we need rest for our minds to function well. The kind of rest that works best is systematic, regular rest, along with activity that is energy renewing. I take these annual bicycle trips or activities like them to "rest" and experience renewal in my spirit and heart as a result of the spiritual, emotional, and mental energy that I use up in ministry to people. It is one of the reasons I plan on continuing to Pastor as long as I still have my wits about me. I am feeling good enough right now to go another 20 years in ministry, but first we will see if I can go 106 miles on the bicycle tomorrow.

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