Day 8 of the Bicycle Trip Around Oregon

Today we biked 66.6 miles, and it included the "Seven Devils", which are a group of 7 monster hills one after the other in a span of about 15 miles. Today actually felt harder than yesterday's 105 miles, but I am sure it was because I started out today short on energy because of yesterday. We started out this morning in the fog and it was a bit chilly as well, but by the end of the day the sun was shining, though I have my sweat shirt on as I sit in our camp site. We are in a nice KOA Campground South of Bandon, and it has a super nice Hot Tub that I sat in for 30 minutes, oh my, it felt soooooo nice, but as I walked back to our camp site my legs felt like jello!

Patty and I are sleeping in a 4 person dome tent, and in the evening we tip the pads we sleep on, up against the inside of the tent and put our 2 lawn chairs inside, and sit and read and write in the evening. When we get ready for sleep we put the lawn chairs outside, lay the pads down and put out the sleeping bags and pillows, and just like home. Because it has been so dewy outside Patty has a line strung in the tent that she hangs all my bike cloths on so that they will dry out from all the sweat that is in them, and they are handy to grab and put on in the morning. The tent is fairly well ventilated so the smell isn't to bad.

Tomorrow we are riding 76 miles with a bunch of killer hills, and we will end up in California just North of Crescent City. Our campsite will be on the Smith River so maybe I will have a little time for some fishing.

Some of you may be a bit spooked by the 66.6 miles and our riding up 7 devils mountains. No problem. A thought to ponder though on the subject of the devil. His goal is to get people to be bad, to rebel against God, to deny that He even exists, to be their own bosses, and make up their own rules. What kind of people does he target that are "easy"? The answer; those who are passive in their relationship with God. The Bible says he is always on the lookout for those he can devour. To be passive is to take God for granted, to presume upon His goodness and love, to assume you have a relationship with Him because you "believe" in Him. The promise of God is that those who actively seek Him will find Him, He will bless them, and He will protect them from the devil.

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