Day 5 of the Bicycle trip

Today on our trip Doug Sheets, one of the bicycle riders on our trip had an accident. He was following a little to close to the rider in front of him and as he swerved to keep from hitting him he rolled his bicycle with him on it. He was in front of me so I watched the whole thing. It was a bad tumble and I was afraid that he might have broken something. Within a few minutes a couple of ladies stopped to check and see if everyone was OK. One of them was a nurse and the other was a doctor, and they drove Doug to a local hospital. There was nothing broken, but he will be pretty sore tomorrow from the bruises, and he won't continue riding.

Today was a 60 miler with a bunch of hill climbing and one monster that I thought sure was going to kill me, but here I am sitting on a dock on Devil's Lake trying to catch a fish and writing this blog. The weather has been cool here on the coast the last couple of days, in the low 70's , but I warm up pretty good as I pedal up these monster hills. We are at a friends condo tonight in Lincoln City so we are not doing the normal camping thing. Tomorrow is a rest day, which I am more than ready for. These last two days have really drained my gas tank. We are going to get up and go to church tomorrow and then just lounge around, and eat. Monday we will be off again on our 2,000 mile ride around the State of Oregon.

We won't be at our church JBC tonight or tomorrow, but I am going to spend a big block of time tomorrow praying for everybody in the church. I have my IPad with all the names and pictures of everybody, and my prayer journal with it.

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