Day 4 of the Bicycle trip

Today was the most difficult day of the trip for me, in fact it was what John and I call a "hit the wall" day." That is where you have thoughts like, "I can't do this anymore", or "I am going to tell everyone tonight that I am done, cupute, finished, near death", or "why are you doing this, you must be crazy". Even though we only rode 48 miles we went up 3 monster hills that were 600 feet each in elevation gain and most of it was 6 % grade or more. When we got to the top of the third I was totally run out of gas. And then today we went through a tunnel. It is dark inside, there is no curb, and the cars, trucks, and RV's are passing with very little space between us and them, and then there is the noise inside the tunnel of engines of all sizes sounding like jet engines, and also those who have this crazy idea that you have to honk all the way through the tunnel. It was more scary than my first time sky diving and when I got out I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, though I acted the tough and brave guy, and suggested that just for fun we go back through it a couple more times!!

I know the "hit the wall days will come", they always do, and though I would really like to quit, I won't, I know that. Why? Through out my life I have had good teaching from my parents, pastors, youth pastors, teachers and friends that have shaped my character into what it is today. There are about 26 character traits and one of them is endurance and grit, and when they are well developed quitting is near impossible to do. One of the ways to make this character trait strong in your life is to choose to do things like this trip. Maybe not quite so crazy, but hard things that will cause us to grow into a strong person who doesn't quit, keeps his promises no matter what, does their responsibility no matter how hard it might be.

Well, tomorrow only has only one killer hill but it is 800 feet in elevation gain, and the wind is forecast to be blowing in our face so we will have a 7 to 14 mile head wind as well, I hate head winds!! One of the major self coaching things we must do to help ourselves grow into this kind of strong person is to commit to never grumbling about anything no matter how difficult or hard. I will work on that tomorrow.

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