3rd Day

Today we pedaled from Vernonia to Astoria. 70 miles and some very pretty country. There were lots of trucks and logging trucks on the road that we were on with very little shoulder, but the drivers were patient and safe, and we felt very comfortable in our ride. We again got up early and we're on the road by 6 am, and by the time it was heating up at home we were having very pleasant temperatures on the coast. We had one monster hill to climb that was about 5 miles long and steep, but we made it up and the ride down the other side was wild. John got up to over 40 mph, I was going around a corner at 30 on my bicycle and the road sign said to go 20 mph. We will be on the coast now for about a week, and we are so confident that it will be much cooler that we are planning on sleeping in in the morning a couple of hours. We went to Fred Myers and bought some cheap fishing rods, and John and I are at Sunset Lake fishing though we haven't caught anything yet. I am sitting on a bench writing this blog, and reading and writing while I watch my bobber. I am getting a super work out each day for about 6 hours, and I am anxious to lose some weight and keep it off this time!'

I have observed of late how easy it is for people to drift away from faith in God And Christ. Most would have said, "I will never drift away" before they do, and it is that lack of fear that they could, that prevents them from being very careful that they don't. The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament says we should fear that we don't drift away. On this bicycle trip I am careful to spend time in Bible reading, scripture memory, and prayer every day, and I am planning on making it to church each Sunday. I don't have to, but I want to grow closer every day to Jesus, and not drift away, and I know how to do that.

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