James 1:2 says ” consider it all joy when you go through various kinds of trials.” What does that mean to “consider it all joy”? Well for sure it would mean that we don’t complain or grumble. I think that it also would mean that we grow to the point,of not worrying or getting anxious about our trials.

 On our drive to the Brownlee Reservoir for our annual family fishing trip we were towing our 20 foot pontoon boat loaded down with camping gear, coolers, food, and fishing stuff for 15 people with a Suburban that we borrowed for this occasion.  One hour from our destination the axle broke on the trailer and one of the wheels fell off. We managed to get stopped without any damage to the boat or the car. There was no shoulder on the road so we were stopped in the road. I Called triple A, and after an initial visit by the towing company, and then bringing out a big truck with a huge fork lift that picked up the back end of the trailer and boat and backed down the road with it while someone backed the suburban up following it until they got it on a little spur road. This required flaggers  to be brought out, and then the rebuilding of the axel, and then we finally got the boat in the water after a couple of days. They told me when they went after the big fork lift that AAA probably wouldn’t cover that, or the flagger or most of what they did, so for 2 days I was a bit nervous about what the whole thing was going to cost. It was $2,187, but they knocked off the $187, yeh!!!  I made some phone calls to family and friends and borrowed enough to pay the bill.

When we finally got the boat in the water to start fishing, I thought,  fishing always helps.  We usually catch hundreds of crappie on these trips but there were  hardly any fish this year. Because of the high snow fall this year they had drained the reservoir down to just the Snake river running in the bottom to make room for all the spring snow melt.  They filled it but the water was much colder than normal and the fish evidently were not happy. The result being our normal hundreds of fish in years past was only  a few fish this year. 

To add to the great trip we were having it poured rain for the first two days, the wind blew really hard, and it was very cold. 

“Consider it all joy” , “Rejoice always”, and “don’t grumble about anything”, are a few of the Bible verses that I have memorized that popped into my head. 

But it was an excellent opportunity to be a good witness to my grandkids on how to act when a trial comes into our life, I think I did OK most of the time, except when I thought Patty had forgotten the coffee!!

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