Home Again

We have been gone for a week of camping and fishing with a bunch of family, and we are driving home now. I am not sure what others do in similar situations, but I make “to do” lists in my head  of all that I need to get done in the next couple of days. I make a list of about 10 things that I can remember, and then in about 15 minutes I remake it as I remember something else that needs done and ought to be in the list of 10. Usually after about 6 revisions I am satisfied with my projected projects for the next couple of days. Then I start in on my strategy of how I am going to accomplish the list. Some things are fairly simple, “call so and so and set up a lunch meeting”, others are a bit more complicated like, “finish preparing my Revelation class lesson”, fix my pickup, and answer all my accumulated emails, and then there are a couple of challenges, like ” resolve conflict with so and so” which I will think about for some time to work out wording. Top on my list is to fix the financial situation that we are in caused by the unexpected $2000 expense of our boat trailer axle breaking on our fishing trip to Brownlee Resevoir East of Baker Cityand the huge fork lift required to get it off of the road and the flaggers required. For some that pressure is very unpleasant, but I enjoy the challenge of figuring this out and fixing it. I have already come up with several options and I am plotting the steps that I will take in the next couple of days to make it happen. In the process of making this list, and planning my life for the next couple of days I mix in conversations with God asking for His wisdom and strength and that He would bless however He would like as I work. At the top of my requests is that He helps me to live and talk about stuff in a way that would glorify Him, influence people’s lives by my example, and that His joy and peace would fill my life and that it would be obvious to all who are around me. Hey, we are just about there! I guess first thing on my list is to unpack all the stuff on the boat and put it away.

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