Passion and Fire

I watched the NBA Championship playoff game tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had beaten the Cav’s the first 3 games easily and then tonight the Cav’s stomp the Warriors. The Cav’s set scoring records in both the first quarter and the half for the most points scored ever in an NBA playoff game. How does that happen? I see in the news that Draymond Green’s mother claims the refs were paid to swing the game. It is an interesting thing about people how we can be incredibly motivated one day and everything is easy, and the next day we can be in a blue funk and we don’t even want to get of bed. It would be nice if we had some kind of transmission in our heads and we could manually shift into high gear whenever we wanted. The reason for the white hot passion on the Cav’s part was obvious, they had to win tonight otherwise the season was over and they would have been swept by the Warriors. 

I would like to get myself to a place where I could choose to be highly motivated whenever I wanted, whenever I needed to be because the situation was important and I needed to rise to the occasion. At this point in my life the main thing I have learned to do is choose to act responsibly even though I don’t feel like it. I think as a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend, and a pastor that probably will be enough to win in life in the things that matter. 

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