Desire and Motivation

The character trait of diligence is the inner desire to accomplish a lot for God as His servant, to bear much fruit, the desire to say what Jesus did at the end of His life,  “I accomplished the work the Father gave me to do”.  Accomplishing more that matters requires basically two things, first is that we choose to do things that matter as opposed to the things that do not matter, establishing priorities based on wisdom. If you work really hard it doesn’t really matter if everything you did had little lasting value. The second is that we don’t waste time, that we treat time as a constant shrinking commodity for what is needed to get to the end of our life and hear Jesus say “Well done”. 

“Desire” is what pushes us to choose and prioritize each day’s activities, instead of casually shrugging off the disciplines of “to do lists” and goals.  Inner desire that motivates us is the result of the character of diligence.  Character is like building our muscles, it goes slow but steady if we pursue it systematically. We can pursue various character traits and become stronger in them as we press on to maturity. The pursuit of any character trait is relatively simple to understand. You run faster by running, and you grow in the character trait of diligence by being diligent when you don’t have the desire, the motivation, but you want to have it. 

Here are some of my favorite personal quotes on diligence, desire, passion, and motivation.

1. Do what diligent people do and you will become a diligent person.  

2. When you have the character trait of diligence you will have strong desire, passion, and motivation.   

3. Everything in life is easier when you are highly motivated. 

4.  Self-motivated people aren’t born that way, they grow into that kind of person on purpose. 

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