Prayer Letter

Jefferson Baptist’s prayer letter came out today. It is the compilation of all the prayer requests that get turned in each week from many different people.  There are about 500 people signed up to receive the prayer letter when it comes out on Tuesdays.  I hope every person who gets it via email or regular mail actually prays through it. I pray for each request on it diligently each week. My praying for that list is a high calling and a serious responsibility. There are a lot of very serious needs, trials, and guidance needed expressed in the Prayer Letter each week. For me to choose not to pray for the the requests shared would be to say one of several things, if not all three. One-I don’t believe that the time that I would take to pray for 10 pages of people’s pain and concerns would make any difference, what is going to happen, is going to happen, and my praying isn’t going to make a hill of beans difference. Two- I really don’t care enough about your trials and problems to take the time to pray. Three- I am way too busy. I have so many things that I have to get done, I just don’t have enough time to pray for your marriage, or job, or kids, or salvation, or your cancer, sorry.  

1 thought on “Prayer Letter

  1. benhickenlooper

    “My praying for that list is a high calling and a serious responsibility. ” Good word. It’s a privilege and a trust. We should be humbled that anyone would take the time to share a prayer request with us.



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