One of Eeyore’s classic lines is “nobody wants to be my friend”. It is tough being friends with an Eeyore person. They are just no fun to be around. There are a lot of Eeyore people around today and their numbers are growing rapidly. People don’t know how to manage all that the world and our culture is pumping out today.  All the changes, the upheaval, the continual war with words between everybody. Once this sad sack, blue funk, poor me, nobody loves me thinking and attitude starts it is very hard to get out of it, and things just keeping getting worse. If you came to me and asked my advice I would give you 5 things to do everyday that I guarantee would steadily move you in the direction of being positive, joyful, and fun to be with. 

1.  Spend 15 minutes everyday memorizing Bible verses. The main reason people become an Eeyore is because of the way they think for long periods of time. Any time you find yourself thinking bitter, poor me, negative, critical thoughts choose as an act of your will to set your mind on some of the verses you have memorized, and meditate on them. This discipline is amazingly effective. This is a hard discipline and very few will make the effort, but those who do will become very blessed and happy people. God’s Word is living, active, supernatural, the Mind of Christ, and the sword of the Spirit. 

2. Colossians 3:2 ought to be one of the first verses you memorize, and then you can do what it says, “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things of this earth,” That means think about eternity a lot. Think about a time and place with zero problems and trials, incredible beauty, a new and healthy body that will never get sick, hurt, and that can fly.

3. Stop watching the news. People are news junkies today and that will make an Eeyore out of anybody. I have a couple of internet sights that give me a short condensed summary of the top news items of the day without a lot of opinions.

4.  Spend time faithfully everyday with God in devotional Bible reading and prayer. 15 minutes of Bible reading followed up immediately  with 15 minutes of focused prayer will bring great measures of God’s joy, peace, and strength into our life, absolutely guaranteed. 

5. Read a Patrick McManus short story at least 3 times a week. Read them out loud to your spouse and kids if you can. When I did that I got to laughing so hard I couldn’t read with any level of clarity for them so I had to read it just to myself. 

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