My Shame and humiliation

Easter is just 6 days away!  One of the things I do the 10 days before Easter is to think deeply and reflectively about the price Jesus paid for my sins so that I could be totally forgiven and adopted into God’s family as his son. It is very easy to take what He did lightly and for granted, and I don’t want to be guilty of either. There are 5 aspects or parts of Jesus  suffering, but the average Christian only thinks of 1, the physical pain and suffering part. The Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ” did a graphic job of showing us the full extent of the physical suffering that Jesus experienced for us. Another aspect of His suffering is the fact that “He became our sin”, which means it is like  Jesus actually committed every sin I have committed and will in the future, and when God the Father put my sins on Him as He hung on the cross Jesus felt the guilt, the shame, and the humiliation of my sin. He felt it much more than I did when I actually committed the sins because I have developed a hard and calloused heart towards my sin, but Jesus was sinless and holy, and His heart was not the least bit hard. My guilt, shame, and humiliation has drug out over 60 plus years, but Jesus felt the totality of it in a few minutes, and not just my sin, but the sins of every person who has lived or will live. The depth of that feeling and emotional pain He went through is mind boggling and incomprehensible to me. As I was pondering about how much I hate the feeling of shame and humiliation, and that  I will do anything and everything I can to avoid it, I still can’t come close to  grasping what Jesus went through for me.  The fact that it is impossible for me to come close to understanding this part of what He did so that I can live with Him forever increases in my mind the total price He paid for me. It is amazing to think that I am worth enough to Him that He would do all of that. He must really want me to live with Him forever. 

1 thought on “My Shame and humiliation

  1. cminister111

    You are right, Dee. It is incomprehensible and anything that is incomprehensible is by definition of the word impossible to explain. Yet, I do want to understand and to explain. I think that is where love ❤️ comes in. Not just Jesus’s love for me but also my love for Jesus.



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