Faster and faster

We were driving home from the marriage retreat our church JBC, had this weekend at Odell Lake Lodge driving down highway 58, and because of the steepness of the grade there were a number of those run away truck ramps where a truck driver can turn on if his truck gets out of control from a loss of brakes, and the ramp has deep sand and it is steep uphill so a truck will slow quickly even with no brakes. As Patty was driving,  I was thinking about the retreat, how good it was, and then I started thinking about my life in the next 6 months, and all that I had planned to do. My life has a feel to it right now like a truck heading down a 6% downgrade with no brakes. I thought maybe I should turn into one of these emergency truck stops, figuratively speaking.  Then  I thought it isn’t the speed that is scary, it is the thought that because of the speed I could crash. If crashing was not going to happen, and I was sure of it, the ride would be an exilerating adventure. So, the goal is to go fast and not wreck, which means I have to be able to steer my life with wisdom and decisiveness, and not get distracted by the stuff around me that I see going by. I can do this If I keep my eyes straight ahead, watch the road and focus.  

As I get closer and closer to the end of my life I want to go faster, accomplish more, experience more, and grow more. In order for me to keep my foot on the gas pedal all the way to the floor board I need to stay focused. I have some key principles, guide lines, basic tools, and disciplines that will  help me to stay focused.  A key principle for going fast is always spend time everyday without fail reading and memorizing the Bible, and spending time in prayer communicating with God. The faster I want to go the more time I need to devote to My devotional time with the Lord. The more time I spend praying for others, and for myself, and reading the Bible the more strength I will have, the clearer my vision is, and the more passion I have for my goals. I also write a clear “to do” list several times each week as an act of focusing on what is important and choosing to set aside what is not important. I also read my goals for the year 2 or 3 times  each week, again so I stay focused. If I don’t keep my focus on what I absolutely want to accomplish I get easily distracted. 

The key principle to going fast and not wrecking is always enjoy the ride. Those who get uptight about the speed will wreck, guaranteed. I like going fast and in fact I think I can go faster. It is going to be fun.

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