i rented a 10 yard dumpster today to put a bunch of garbage and useless stuff in that we have accumulated over the years. It is quite amazing how we can fill that dumpster up a couple times a year.  Reminds me of when we were kids at the county Fair. We were part of a 4-H club and had animals at the fair that we “showed”. We would stay at the fair for 5 days  sleeping in the dormitory that they had just for 4-H and FFA  members who brought livestock to show at the fair. We had to spend a couple hours each day keeping the area where our club had animals clean and orderly and then we were free to do whatever we wanted.  We would go hang out around the dumpsters, they had 5 or 6 for the fairgrounds, and watch and every couple hours one of the guys who collected tickets for the various carnival rides would  come and pour his tickets into the dumpster. One guy would climb in the dumpster, and the others would keep watch for any one coming. The guy in the dumpster would sort through and get every ticket that the person collecting them had failed to tear in half for whatever reason. The 5 of us would,usually come up with about 50 tickets each time we did this dumpster “dive” which meant 10 tickets each for any ride in the fairgrounds.  We would then go ride until we were about ready to puke and then go dumpster robbing again. Quite the life for a 13 to 15 year old boy. As a pastor I see quite a lot of people who have that kind of life now as an adult. They are trying to find some cheap thrills in life, and when they don’t have enough of whatever they go dumpster diving, that is they make some very poor choices because they want some joy and happiness. Their choices seem reasonable at the time but after a bit of time they bring their natural consequence and then back to the dumpster in hopes of finding the perfect ticket to the perfect ride.

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