To Do List

I have so many things on my “to do” list that I am going to have to live to 120 years old if I have any chance of getting them all done.  My “to do” list are my goals for my life, and the ones that I am working on now I break down into small components which become my daily “to do’s”. I fairly often rearrange everything on my “life goals” as I get more excited about one than the other. As I rearrange my list I am always trying to maintain balance in my life between my personal walk with Christ and my growth in Christ like character, my family, my friends and relationships, my ministry, my home projects, and my hobbies and adventures.

My ministry goals are impacted by continuing open doors and opportunities that God seems to be giving me. Sometimes I think, my oh my, I don’t need another thing to do do, another conference to speak at, another church to help, another pastor to mentor and coach. But then each evening as I go to bed I ask God for a little bit more to do the next day. I want to do more, bear more fruit, reach more people, write another book, start another church, always more.

And then I also want to go on another bicycle trip, learn how to sail, build a sailboat, kill a moose, build a car, catch a bunch of fish. Whoooee I am making myself tired!

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