Bicycle around Oregon

It is almost April and there is only 4 months left until I leave on a one month bicycle trip around the State of Oregon. It will be almost 2,000 miles and we will average 70 miles each day.  I have the route all planned out and all of the camp sites picked out.  Patty is coming along driving our Kia pulling a little utility trailer and we will camp in a tent each night. Anybody who wants to join me is welcome. You can join me for the whole ride or just a couple days over a weekend. There will be plenty of room in the trailer for your gear unless a dozen or so decide to go, but that probably won’t happen. If you are interested send me an email and I will give you the route and a list of the camp sites. I very much look forward to these annual bicycle trips because of what they do for my health physically and spiritually. I also enjoy the time to read and write at the end of the day in camp.

It is interesting thinking about the chapters in my life. High School was fun and exciting with lots of learning, growing physically and spiritually, and growing up on the family dairy. It was a chapter of little responsibility. College was an adventure with so much more growth and learning how to be independent from my parents. The early years of married life and pursuing success as a dairy farmer was the years of growing and learning how to deal with responsibility, pressure, failure, and really long hours of hard work. Then came the long chapter of being a pastor and all that came with that responsibility in dealing with many different kinds of people. Then 8 kids from screaming babies to married adults. Wow, what an awesome chapter that was. During these coinciding chapters of ministry and kids from 1976 to 2010, some 34 years I averaged 73 hours of work each week in ministry and then all that went with being a husband and a Dad. Those were the prime years of my life from 30 to 60 years of age with lots of energy, dreams, goals, passion, and drive. And now In this present chapter  I am riding a bicycle, averaging a mere 40 hours of ministry work each week, and enjoying life to the max. the next chapter will be a really long one in heaven😀

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