Singles Ministry

I have been the Pastor of JBC for 40 years, and we had our first ever Singles Ministry meeting tonight. I had no clue how many would come, and had decided that if at least 6 people came I would persevere and see if we could grow it. Well, we had 25, and it seemed all were interested and some quite excited about the potential for this ministry. The youngest person was about 25 and the oldest around 70 years old. Some had never been married, some married and divorced,and some married and widowed. Probably about two thirds had kids of various ages.  Next week we are going to have a pot luck dinner to start, sing a bit, then I am going to have a short lesson on “How to get along with just about anybody”. In the weeks ahead we will play table games, have picnics outside, go on hikes, go rafting on the Descuttes,  go bowling, and do some other activities, but I don’t think  I talked anybody into skydiving. I had a very good time tonight as we got starred on this new ministry because I really like doing things that meet needs. Fellowship and camaraderie is one of the most basic of needs for people, God created us that way, and I think this is going to be an incredible group of people who are going to experience a great deal of joy together.

If you know someone who is single tell them about our group. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Jefferson Baptist Church in the Discipleship Building, upstairs in the middle classroom.

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