We create cultures in our families and homes, work places, churches, in geographical areas, and in our country by our values that are repeated over and over. Values are those beliefs and opinions of things that we feel strongly about because we think our happiness and security is dependent upon them existing. Leaders understand this and lead by establishing values in the realm of their leadership influence that they believe in strongly. As a Dad I repeated certain things over and over in order to create a culture in our home. Once those cultures are entrenched instilling the values in the minds of our kids was easy. One such value was, “hard work is fun, not difficult or boring, but fun and exciting.” I repeated that value early in their lives and often, and as a result we had a distinctive culture in our family of hard work. Once the culture is established everyone who comes into the realm of that culture is influenced by it.

As a Pastor I lead by creating  cultures or attitudes in our church family that will influence everyone that is part of our church sooner or later. I repeat certain phrases that are an expression of a value over and over again until that value becomes part of more and more people’s thinking. As this growing number of people act on this value a culture is formed. One such phrase or motto that I have repeated hundreds if not thousands of times over the years at JBC is “God blesses unity not methods”. As a result our church has a culture of unity and peace that controls and influences everyone. Years ago I established a dozen values in my mind that I wanted JBC to have as their culture. I repeated them often, preached on them, and modeled them, and now those cultural values are strong and shape and influence everyone in our church sooner or later.

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