Valentine’s Day

I took Patty out to dinner tonight for Valentine’s, and when I went to pay the bill someone that was in the restaurant while we were there had already paid it, how nice was that! As we sat across from each other eating I thanked the Lord for such a wonderful wife, an amazing marriage, and an exciting history for the last 48 years. How did this happen? I remember! I was on the basketball team of a small Christian College in Portland, Oregon. We usually practiced when everyone else was eating in the cafeteria, and then we would eat as a team. Patty worked in the kitchen as part of her financial aid package so I noticed her most evenings as we ate. One evening while we were eating the coach came in and announced that he had gotten us really good seats at the “Far West Classic” at the Memorial Collosium with some of the best teams in the nation playing. Patty heard us all getting excited about this news and announced that she should get to go since she fed us every night, and washed our dishes. The coach said only boys could go. Patty being a bit of a rebellious spirit back in those days borrowed some cloths from a guy on campus and showed up at the bus, and the coach insisted that she go with us to the game. At first my thoughts were “crazy dame”, but as the evening went along my thoughts began changing, and by the time the bus pulled back into the campus parking lot I was head over heals in love. That evening was December 15th, 1968 and on August 24th 1969 we were married.

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