It was about 8 years ago that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and it has progressed very slowly being more of a nuisance than  a major disability. Nobody knows for sure why but my guess is that I have so many people praying for me, and also the extensive exercise routine that I maintain as my main therapy.  I ride a stationary bike an hour every day and often up to 90 minutes, I also maintain a weight lifting routine. I read and pray while I ride so it really isn’t hard to do time wise. One of the issues with Parkinson’s is fatigue, and it seems to be accerating lately. Here is a quote from Michael J Fox about fatigue.

“One of Parkinson’s more insidious symptoms is fatigue. This is not your garden variety tiredness. This is fatigue on a cellular level. Your body is working overtime to accomplish the simplest of tasks, like pouring orange juice, and the result is a state of being bone-tired most of the day.”

My strategy in dealing with this is (1) control my behavior. I can feel tired without acting tired, that is I don’t have to act grumpy, melancholy, or distracted. I can smile, be pleasant, be polite, and even be attentive in conversations if I choose to. (2) I work hard at controlling my thinking. I don’t ever let myself think “poor me” thoughts, I am an incredibly blessed man in regards to my marriage, my family, my ministry, my friends, my experiences, and my relationship with God. Everybody has problems, and I am choosing to ignore mine and focus on the blessings. (3) And probably the most important thing is I control my speech. The words that come out of our mouth have a huge impact on our own joy level and fatigue level. If I verbalize to others how tired I am it will get significantly worse. I occasionally will say something to Patty, but rarely to anybody else. The main point of this is I can choose. I don’t have to be controlled by my circumstances.

1 thought on “Parkinson

  1. Barb Castillo

    I am extremely tired today after attending many long meetings. After reading your post, I realized I can control how I react to my tiredness, and when I get home from work, I will try not to act like I am tired but with energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for the pep talk!



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