Dog poop

We are having about 6 people come to our house for dinner tomorrow after church so we were cleaning house today. One of my jobs was to scoop up dog poop so our guests wouldn’t accidentally step on it tomorrow. I also got nominated by my wife to scrub the front door where same dog had jumped up on the door wanting in the house and covered the door with muddy dog prints. I would have given her away today  if someone had come along who wanted her!

We invite people to our house for dinner who have been to our church a few times to try and get to know them , and to convince them to be a part of our church family. We don’t convince them with words but by the way we act and talk socially with each other.  Our strategy is to get people to hang around us socially, and they will want what we have because of the way we treat them and each other. The basic instructions are, be nice, don’t grumble, don’t complain, don’t gossip, don’t argue, don’t rant, be happy. If we can do that we will be very attractive because very few people experience that but everybody wants it.

We want to be a walking billboard for Jesus.

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