There are so many things being said and written now that are obviously not true. It is like truth is no big deal any more. I personally believe that there is an absolute truth, and that God is the source of that truth. I believe that He gave us that truth in the Bible. Many say they don’t believe in God, but what they are really saying is they won’t submit to God, so they declare Him non-existent. Many say they don’t believe the Bible. So what is left as the source of absolute truth? The Bible has passed the test of time. For thousands of years it has endured though people have tried their best to prove it isn’t Truth, God’s Word. As I read it for an hour every day, and study it, and memorize it there is a resonating with my soul that these Words are supernatural, powerful, and true. I have built my life on the foundation of the principles in the Bible. Principles that tell me how to live, how to love,how to have a good marriage, how to have joy, how to have peace, how to get along with almost anybody, how to be totally free from anger. The Bible gives me simple directions and guidelines in every area of life so that I can be a blessed person. A blessed person is overflowing with joy that no trial can take away, he has a peace that eliminates all anxiety and worry, all, he has a love that allows him to forgive anybody of anything, and help them grow and overcome. And best of all the Bible gives clear directions on how to be forgiven by God of every sin I have ever committed and be adopted by God  into His family, and live forever with Him with incompressible joy. I have a security and hope for the future, forever. The kind of joy I have, the peace, the security is impossible to manufacture by our own will.

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