I went up to the Portland Sportsmans’s Show today with some friends, my son Sam and his two sons, my grandsons Isaac and James. I bought a nice rod and reel for Issac, and had a very good time with them all. The boys favorite part was getting in and setting on all the big Quads, and climbing up in the boats and turning the steering wheels, and going in the campers and trailers. But I think there really favorite part was stopping for breakfast on the way up and dinner on the way home, and a hot dog and pop at the show.

I am a very blessed man, but there isn’t a time that I feel more blessed than when I am having fun with my grandkids. I came home tonight on sort of a high, feeling like a million dollars. Thank You Lord.

I often wonder what eternity is going to be like, especially in regards to family and friends. How will we relate?  Will we live together, close, in the same house? What will we do, will we do it together? I don’t suppose we will argue or get irritated at each other. Several verses in the Bible when describing a person’s death use the phrase, “he was gathered to his people”. That makes it sound like that we will be with family and friends.

I have never been to the North Pole or the South Pole for that matter, and I have never been to heaven so there is so much I don’t know, so I just imagine. There are quite a few Bible verses that give hints, so between those and my wild imagination it has become quite a place with some very cool imagined experiences. The Bible basically says, in our wildest imagination we aren’t even close to how wonderful it will be. I can’t wait.

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