This morning at 7 am was our “Monthly Men’s Breakfast”.  We had 150 men there this morning which I am pretty sure is a record number. One of the drawing cards is the statement that if you come you can have all the bacon you want. Some guys will have nothing else, but a huge pile of bacon on their plate. Guys also come for the great fellowship with a bunch of other guys that we always have. It is fun to meet new people and to make some new friends. But probably the main reason that the number has been growing each month is the really good speakers that we have been having. This morning Dr Matt Bain, a family practice Doctor in Albany, the football coach for Santiam Christian High School, and an Elder at JBC spoke on  “Being a strong man and leader” who isn’t afraid of taking a risk, and who does not have “be safe” as one of his life’s rules. It was a very inspiring and motivating talk with video clips from a number of war movies that added to the passion of the presentation. As I sat eating my dozen pieces of bacon chatting with the guys at my table and then listening to Matt share, I was so impressed with the commitment of so many guys who pull this off each month. Adam is in charge of the whole thing, it is his ministry, but a bunch of guys cook all the food, set up the tables and clean up. In a couple of weeks we are having our “JBC Sportsman’s Show” at the Fairgrounds in Albany. It will be a two day event with a hundred vendors and thousands of people coming through. There are a handful of guys who do all of the planning, but over a 100 guys will be involved In pulling it all together and making it a very good show. Again, I am so impressed and thankful for the commitment and faithfulness of these guys that do this event.

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