My Dad joined the Navy shortly before World War II and stayed in the Navy for 22 years before he retired.  He retired in 1960 when I was 12 years old, and during those 12 years we moved an average of twice a year as my Mom followed my Dad every place he was stationed up and down the West coast. During those years of moving I didn’t have many friends because we seldom were in one place long enough to make any. We seldom had a television, obviously never a computer, cell phone,  IPad, or stereo, though occasionally we would have a radio with limited reception. One of the things I began doing at a really young age to fill up the time was read. I would read for hours every day, and the more I read it seemed the more addicted to reading I became. I remember going to the Library with my Mom and taking several trips to bring all the books in from the car. Now 55 years later I remain an avid reader, averaging about 10 hours of reading each week. Now I do all my reading on my IPad with a Kindle App, and get most of my books from Amazon. I like reading on my IPad because I can make the font big, and  the screen bright and see really good, and I can carry literally thousands of books with me wherever I go. I am convinced that one of the best things parents can do early on for their kids is read to them a lot, teach them to read and encourage reading even paying them to do it. Those who have grown up reading, and continue to read can think rationally and are able to solve problems in life easily, can communicate clearly and are able to make themselves understood and understand others.

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