Super Bowl

I enjoy watching the Super Bowl every year with friends, and lots of food. Most years like this year I don’t have a favorite that I am rooting for. Usually my teams don’t make it into the Super Bowl. My strangest Super Bowl was when I was in England doing a seminar for a group of Churches. When the pastor who arranged it called and asked me to speak, and suggested the dates they wanted me, I initially said that I couldn’t come on those dates because I would miss the Super Bowl. He so much wanted the seminar on those dates that he said that he would find me a place to watch it. What we both forgot about was the time difference between here and England. The game started there at 1 AM in the morning and got over at 4:30 AM. I preached most all day on Friday and Saturday and then preached a sermon in two different churches on Sunday morning, one at 9 and the second at 11 am and then a third church at 6 pm in the evening. The Pastor wanted to keep his word to me so he found a church member who had a large television and liked American football and talked a half dozen of the pastors who had attended the seminar to watch it with me. I talked non -stop the first half of the game explaining the rules to them as they asked me why such and such was happening. By the time half time was over every one of them was sound asleep in their chair and by the time the 3rd quarter was over I was as well. I wouldn’t have been sleeping if it had been this years game. That had to be one of the most exciting games I have ever seen. I can’t imagine how exciting it would have been to a die hard Patriots fan.

1 thought on “Super Bowl

  1. Mike Allen

    You have no idea what that game was like to be there in person with your son on the field, I was saying the whole first half God loves these odds! nothing is never over until its over! I was sitting in my seat at halftime thinking of this past election when it looked so overwhelmingly done for Trump. How at halftime every Patriot fan sitting around me, was in the dog house. but Ive seen this team come from behind many times in the 4 yrs Ryan has played for them. but this was really going to be hard. Something deep inside me kept saying “The Lord waits for the impossible before He does the possible, then right off in the 3rd quarter we didnt move the ball on the first possession and time was running out, we would need a miracle to win.
    It reminded me of the verse “with God all things are possible” in that game no amount of great coaching or playing substituted what seemed so obvious to me as PROVIDENTIAL, because everything and I mean everything had to go perfect in one quarter to create that win and no odds on earth could possibly explain what I was there to witness in person Gods hand in that win for the Patriots. Why I don’t know, and honestly don’t really care, I do know that the Patriots never quit. They play for four quarters every week and they leave it all out on that field and maybe just maybe Gods hand allowed them to win for a reason other than football!



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