Patty is Home!!

I was gone hunting for 5 days and a couple hours before I got home Patty left for California to visit her two sisters and their families for a week. We are apart fairly often as I travel to speak and do crazy things like ride a bicycle to the Atlantic Ocean. One of the strengths of our marriage is we love each other very much and truly enjoy each other and being together, but we don’t possess each other and restrict each other’s ministries and pursuits because of our own need for our spouse. It obviously is easier to do that now with no young children at home that we are responsible for. At this stage in my life I have this driving desire to bear more fruit now than ever before and have shifted my ministry life into overdrive. Patty does a lot at the church with children’s ministries but is strongly drawn to her family, especially her grand kids and does as much with them and serves them as much as possible. I know husbands and wives who are jealous of the ministries, people, causes, and activities of their spouse. That is to bad because it seems that the fulfillment and rewards of our respective lives which we both experience makes our time together so much more special. Well, gotta go. Patty is home, and special times are about to happen😀

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