United States of America

Starting in 1990 when I went to a prayer conference in Argentina I have been in about 40 different countries of the world, including Vietnam, China, Russia, Bosnia, and Lebanon. I have been to Sierra Leone, West Africa 23 times since 2002 where our church has been part of about 22 church plants, 20 plus schools, a Bible college, well drilling and a number of other projects. Sierra Leone had a 20 year civil war that was aweful in regards to the cruelty and mutilation that took place, and then recently they had the Ebola plaque which resulted in thousands dying. The standard of living is close to the lowest in the world, the government and police force are corrupt constantly trying to get bribe money from us while we are in country. The mortality rate of children under two is very high, everybody gets malaria on a regular basis, the average daily income is about $2 per day with about 80 % unemployment, there is very little in the way of medicine, education, or electrify. Most people live in a house made with mud with a roof of leaves that obviously leaks in the rainy  season . Patty and I had a goal of taking all of our 8 kids to Sierra Leone or another very poor country for a short term mission trip so that they would realize how incredibly blessed we are in this country, and that it would be so terribly selfish and ungrateful to complain about anything here. We accomplished that goal and it did and continues to influence the gratefulness factor in the life of our kids. Grumbling, complaining, fussing, ungratefullness, is so repulsive to God.

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